Saturday, 2 May 2015

Athanasian Just a Minute

Archdruid: And the subject for the next round is "The Trinity." Hnaef, what can you tell us about the Trinity in two minutes?

Hnaef: In considering the Trinity, we ask ourselves - how can we describe three persons and yet one God? Let us consider - what was that clovery thing St Patrick used..... erm...


Keith: Hesitation!

Archdruid: OK Keith.

Keith: So when I wonder how to explain the majesty of the Trinity, I like to think of the cliffs at West Bay in Dorset. You may remember it from Broadchurch although, when I was small, there was a programme called Harbour Lights which was set there, starring Nick Berry and...


Burton: Deviation.

Archdruid: What from?

Burton: Good television, if you're thinking of Harbour Lights.

Archdruid: Good point. Take it away.

Burton: In talking about the Trinity on this day of Saint Athanasius, what could be more fitting than to use the words of the Anathanasian Creed, which although named after the eponymous holy man is not itself thought to be from his pen. But as it says, "The Father is God, and the Son is God, and the Spirit is God....


Keith: Repetition.

Archdruid: Repetition?

Keith:  There were 3 Gods.

Archdruid:  And Athanasius really wouldn't approve of that. Carry on.

Keith: And so the faces of the rocky slopes at the harbour near Bridport, as featured in those aforementioned TV series, consists of silica. Which in terms of its molecular composition has three atoms - one of Silicon and two of Oxygen. Rather like the Trinity, in that there's a trio of members, but the one in the middle is bigger than the others, which hang off it at angles.....


Archdruid: What's the challenge, Drayton?

Drayton: Heresy!

Archdruid: Yes!  And very bad Chemistry....

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  1. Buzz

    Sorry to be a bit late to the game but - "Anathanasian?
    Anathema sit.


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