Saturday, 9 May 2015

Champagne All Round!

I see that, in the wake of the election result, this image is going round again.

It's an image that sums up all that is wrong, for some people, in the result. The haves and the have nots. The SNP supporter drinking Irn Bru for breakfast, the Chancellor having Moet delivered to his door ready for a proper victory party.

The Chancellor, the implication is, should be ashamed to be celebrating this way when "austerity" is his very own watchword. It's a powerful image.

Indeed, it's a very powerful image. So powerful that people have been using it on Social Media for years. You can tell it's not an image from 2015 by the Cybus Industries bluetooth earphone. So it's not from 2015.

It's not even from 2010.

It's from 2004.  When Gordon Brown was Chancellor.

Anyway, it's clearly not from a Tory party celebration. There's no way you'd catch Osborne and Cameron celebrating with anything as common as Moet.

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