Saturday, 2 May 2015

Diminished Marriage Recovery

Do you feel like your marriage has been diminished since the Government legalised people of the same sex getting married?

Do you feel it's just not the same, now that some other people that you probably don't know are also married?

Has the spark gone from your relationship, because other people are also in relationships you didn't approve of?

The Beaker Folk are proud to offer our new venture, "Living in a Bubble." For just £2,300 per person, we will let you live in our special, bubble-enclosed house for a week. There you can focus on getting your relationship back to where it was, safe in the knowledge that all that nastiness is outside, where it can't have any effect on your own marriage.

Gentlemen! For an extra £40 we will deliver a lovely bunch of flowers that you can give to you lovely wife, safe in the knowledge that, within your bubble, there are no married couples who will be giving flowers to each other.

Ladies! Why not splash out £50 on a bottle of rose champagne, which you will be able to drink, safe in the knowledge that nobody in the bubble will be drinking a bottle of similar champagne while listening to a Bronski Beat song or something by Donna Summer?

Within a week, your marriage will be as undiminished as it was before the law that dare not speak its name was passed. And you'll be ready, thanks to our take-home self-assembly bubble, to stay that way.

Please note that, for legal reasons, "Living in a Bubble" is also available to gay people

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  1. Why allthis fuss over just one little word - "marriage"?


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