Thursday, 21 May 2015

Shelf Assurance and the Brokenness of Stuff

It's only when you sit back and look that you realise how things gradually change.

In this case, in the location of breakables as Celestine has progressed from crawling, to cruising furniture, to walking. Everything is now three foot off the ground.

This is how humans are. No matter how little, we break everything we can get our hands on. At which point there's two choices - let it happen and accept that freedom of will brings brokenness with it, which has to be lived with - or else put stuff up on the shelf.

We can see what God lets us break - the earth, each other, ourselves.

I wonder what he's put up out of our reach?


  1. Have you seen modern potato chippers? Flimsiest things on the planet and unfit for purpose - had to send one back this week after just the 2nd potato. Gone and bought a vintage one from the 60s - still operating after 50 odd years!

    1. Whatever you used to buy a potato chipper from the 60s - do you think you could buy me some tickets for Woodstock with it?

  2. If you have four or five kittens, putting things three foot off the ground is a hopeless case. The highest places will become fair game - even the curtain rails are not immune as they hang on the curtains and climb towards the pelmet.

    No, the most dangerous thing in a household for breakables in kittens in competition to see how high they can climb or how they can get into the china cabinet which isn't locked. Paws and claws are a remarkable combination for getting cupboard doors open....... so, keep things securely locked down for sanity's sake.

    1. Matthew clearly misheard when he recorded "Suffer little kittens to come unto me, and forbid them not."


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