Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Three Un-backed-up Assertions on Martyrdom

A secular blogger, Ananta Bijoy Das , has been hacked to death in Bangladesh.

He is as much as a martyr as Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist martyrs.

 And the people who killed him are as guilty of innocent blood as Cain, Stalin, a fair chunk of the members of the Inquisition, and Henry VIII.

To kill somebody because you don't agree them means that you think their ideas are stronger than your ideas. Because if they weren't, you'd have reasoned with them instead of killing them.

That's it, actually.


  1. Unfortunately, under your third point, Horst Wessel also qualifies.

    1. But if Bonhoeffer had succeeded I wouldn't add Hitler to the list - as he wasn't an innocent believer but a dangerous mass-murderer.

      I shall research Horst Wessel (but not in such a way as to attract the attention of the authorities) and get back to you.


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