Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Transcendental Mediation

Tricky one there at our "looking disagreement in the face" evening.

I was trying to mediate between Stacey and Milton. A real problem between the two of them. She thinks he's a pig-headed, thick-skinned numbskull. While he thinks she's over-sensitive, fussy and needy.

Well, I tried to help build a bridge. Create some common ground. I told them that I thought, on balance, they were both right.

They found some common ground, at any rate. They both hate me now. I feel that, in a very real sense, we've had a real leap forward.


  1. Good disagreement, then?

  2. Sounds like 'Facilitated Conversations to me.'

  3. I'm surprised. You normally just knock heads together (literally) and the problem is resolved (or A&E has a couple of customers). Are you going soft in your dotage? I expect a resumption of normal service immediately, or hand over to young Keith, who at least maintains standards (low as they are).


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