Thursday, 27 August 2015

General Synod Vote "Infiltrated"

There are concerns that the upcoming vote for membership of the Church of England may be compromised by people "whose views are not in line with those of the Church of England."

Among those who have had to pay absolutely nothing to be able to vote for who represents their dioceses over the next five years are a number of people who believe in Catholic doctrines; take the Bible completely literally; don't agree with all the 39 Articles or think the denomination is a buildings preservation trust. Many think same-sex marriage is a good idea, although some of those think it's a better idea for other people than themselves.

"It's a real worry," said a spokesnun, "We're really open to entryists. We've opened the election up to people who are ordained, and anyone who says "yes" when the vicar asks if they can spare a few evenings a year to go to Deanery Synod. We could have atheists, Hindus or even Tories getting a say on who gets to vote on innumerable complex amendments to motions over the next five years. If the wrong people get in, the Church of England could be in almost exactly the same state by 2020."


  1. I understand that #MrCorbyn ha put his name on the hustings list as a backup in case he doesn't make Labour Party Leader. In his promotional blurb, he points out that there seems to be quite a few 'Left Wing' Clergy about (he reads the letter page of the Church Times for intertainment) many of whom seem to share his view and vision. And his Marxist world view of domination by dissent, works well in a culture of dissent about the ruling class (Bishops). And he confirms that he voted to support Same Sex Marrige, supported the Consecration of Women as Bishops, Supports the new Baptism liturgy and does away with the concept of the Devil (or Tory Party) and feels that the general perception of the Church of England being the Labour Party at Prayer will fit in very well in his portfolio of lost causes. His suggestions for improving the lot of both Clergy and Laity include the formation of 'Trade Associations' afilliated to the TUC, with different branches for each category, Clergy, Readers/LLM, Pastoral Assistants, Evangelists, Missioners, Parish Administrators, PCC Secretaries, PCC Members, PCC Treasurers, Flower Arrangers, Cleaners, and a General category for All Laity. All will be entitled to attend meetings with the Power Brokers (Bishops and Ultimately HM The Queen) in smoke filled rooms, rolled up sleeves and beer and sandwiches, only interrupted to Watch the latest footie on Sky or BT Sport.

    He proposes elections for leaders of General Synod, based on representatives of all trade associations, those who are not members, just spectate - in fact, no change from the current situation.

  2. You're worried about your Synod? Take a few minutes to read the Catholic blogosphere on the subject of our Synods (the one imminent and the one last year).


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