Thursday, 6 August 2015

Lament on the Passing of George Cole

Archdruid: All wight?

All: Leave it 'art.

Archdruid: We gather to lady and gent1.

All: Arfur Daley is brarn bread2.

Archdruid: No longer givin' it that with the bunny3.

All: No more dodgy geezers in shabby whistles4.

Archdruid: The lock-up is locked forever.

All: He goes to look for the nice little earners of eternity.

Archdruid: Let us retreat to the rub-a-dub5.

All: Or the Winchester Club.

Archdruid: Remember that hooky6 hairdryers are but for the day.

All: And a Rubber Gregory7 is not all that.

Archdruid: And so from the descending of the apples to the rising up of the pears8

All: We will remember him.

George Cole: 'ere, 'ang on - I was a veteran actor in film and TV, you know. I wasn't just the one character. You can't stereotype me.

All: All wight, Arfur. We believe yer.

Archdruid: Farsands wootn't.

1 Lament (Liturgical Rhyming Slang)
2 Dead
3. Bunny Rabbit/Rabbit + Pork = Talk
4. Oh, forget it.
5. No, you're just making this up now.  Nobody ever said this outside a TV studio.
6. Isn't that Only Fools?
7. Peck? Really? Did anyone ever say that? Really?
8. This is ridiculous.


  1. The artistic integrity of Mr Cole is being challenged by your ode to his demise.

    He has done Shakespeare (swindled him out of his legacy).

    Performed with teenage girls in St Trinians - put away your dirty mind, as an actor.

    Appeared in some iconic films in a variety of role, including as a police officer.

    Oh, why bother

    It's all here:

  2. I remember him from my childhood, playing (in a series on radio called Life of Bliss) a hapless bachelor called, suitably enough, Bliss, anyone else old enough to remember that? With an exquisite and genuine-sounding upper-middle-class accent, too!

    1. I remember A life of Bliss - it's my main memory of George Cole. There was a dog called Psyche, played by Percy Edwards (or was it Thrower?)


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