Monday, 3 August 2015

Liturgy of Monday Evening

Hymn: Blue Monday (12")

Leader: That was Monday then.

All: Yep.

Leader: One down, 4 to go.

All: Yep.

Leader: Everyone got a Monday migraine?

All: Yep.

Leader: Everyone been in 7 hours of wall-to-wall meetings?

All: Yep.

Leader: Ever wonder what the point is?

All: Yep.

Leader: Anyone got anything to give thanks for?

Silence may be observed

Leader: Anyone?

All: Sorry, what was that?

Leader: I said.... oh forget it. You weren't listening, were you?

All: Course we were. White please, no sugar.

Hymn: Ruby Tuesday


Leader: You sure you don't need an early night?

All: Nah. We'll.... sorry, what did you say?

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