Monday, 24 August 2015

Mad Dogs and Anglicans

Mad dogs and Anglicans get up for the 8am.
The Methodists don't care to, the URC don't dare to,
Ardent Pentecostalists worship through  from ten till ten,
But Anglicans detest a nice lay-in.
In the Baptist Church there's a 2-hour talk,
     to retain you in your pew;
There's Calvinist invective, the Rend Collective,
     but it's not 1662.
On Saturday eve the Catholics leave, there's no further prayer for them
But mad dogs and Anglicans get up for the 8am.


  1. Splendid, don't you know

  2. 8 am is a wonderful service. The Liturgy and Language of the Book of Common prayer in its biblical literacy and accuracy. Only besmirched by the use of the modern lectionery. As a fan of the Prayer Book Society, I have sympathy for those who struggle with it, but remember that 1662 is only four hundred years ago.

  3. The first time they let me out to preach was an 8am service. Attendance around 95, and the average age was well south of twenty. Happy days.

  4. I like the 8 AM service, particularly in the summer. It's short and you leave with the rest of the long summer day ahead of you to look forward to. I did get an odd look when I mentioned to someone who asked that I really liked the fact that this is always a BCP service, old version, with all the old language. I think I must be in a distinct minority in that respect.

  5. Helen Devries27/08/2015, 01:25

    What will I now be singing to myself all night....
    What will I be singing over breakfast tomorrow...the which will involve me in explaining Noel Coward, the British Empire and the religious life of England to the gentleman who works for Spanish.


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