Thursday, 13 August 2015

Morris Dancers and Blind Footballers in Mass Brawl

Sometimes I wonder why anyone bothers writing fiction. That is all.

Biretta tip to Bruvver Eccles who RTed this.

NB this could actually be a spoof article and really is fiction. But how can anyone tell anymore? We're just helpless prawns before the power of Social Media.


  1. Husband's take is fiction. Reduced me to tears, though (of laughter if in any doubt)

  2. I think the name of the crime reporter "Hugh Dunnett", and his boss "Rob Banks" are probably a clue.

    1. Yeah. Who reads the authors' names? Especially when reading on a phone.

    2. Oh - I wasn't suggesting they were fake in any way - just well suited. The whole story has the ring of truth about it. The Adlington Morris Men frequently go five rounds with the W.I when there is a double booking at the Village Hall on a Thursday night. Macclesfield A+E are experts in rolling pin injuries.


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