Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Generation Ex

Just discovered that "Generation Y" isn't just a Billy Idol tribute band.

I feel pretty silly now, to be honest. When they said "we need to do more to attract Generation Y" I thought they just wanted us to hold a 70s Night in the Old Barn. I'm gonna have to see if Tesco will take back all that hair gel and sacks of bin liners.

This also explains why, at the Moot, they were discussing whether a Church Plant might help engage with Gen Y. And the baffled looks when I suggested a cactus.

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  1. I understood myself to be generation X, until I saw the Xfactor and I rebelled. Now I'm generation ToP (Top of the Pops) as I can watch that on the minor music channels on a continuous rota. It takes 2 full years to view every episode, by the end, I've forgotten what the first was.

    I thought of becoming generation RR (Radio Rentals) but decided that as they left the high street after 1967, they're a bit to modern for my taste.


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