Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hipster Tax

Dear Readers, you will know the problems that we have with hipsters in London. Specifically that, with their single-speed cycles and love of "craft" beer, they are simultaneously blocking up roads, toppling over at junctions, and threatening the viability of real beer. Beer with proper bits in it. Beer that tastes of malt with a smattering of hops.

But I have been inspired by Kate Shrewsday's blog post on the Beard Tax in Russia. Surely this is the answer - a shot in the arm of the deficit, a kick in the bottom to Jeremy Corbyn (to which he will respond by requesting  a consultation on whether that should really have happened) and the roads clear once again for accountants on folding bicycles, who choose to stop, and put their feet down, at junctions.

I am aware that a percentage of real ale drinkers are also hairy men. But not so great a proportion. As Gandhi famously said, you can't break an omelette without cooking eggs.

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