Saturday, 3 October 2015

Bloody Heroes

At least three workers for MSF reported to have died in Afghanistan.

Others from the charity are on the Med, rescuing those who are, as the hymn puts it, "in peril on the sea".

Meanwhile they and others put their own lives at risk in places many of us wouldn't dare go, to help others. They're at danger from some of those whom they try to help, some that see anybody as a target and, as today, from those who mean them no harm but cause what is called " collateral damage" - a euphemism for "missed again."

They're bloody heroes. I salute them and pray for their safety.

As a humanitarian agency involved in search and rescue, MSF does not have a mandate or means to assess the immigration status of the people we assist. We provide medical care without judgment and strongly believe that no human being should drown when the means exist to prevent it.


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