Saturday, 10 October 2015

Predicting Sexual Orientation 95% Accurately

Interesting study into a combination of genes that seem collectively to predispose to homosexuality (or not) in men. Apparently this leads to an algorithm with a 67% chance of predicting sexual orientation.

Trouble is, this kind of science reporting could lead to some fool developing an in utero test so as to offer selective abortion. You may think it would be outrageous but society seems to tolerate it for gender.

I should point out that there is a method that gives a 95% success rate in predicting sexual orientation. Which is to assume people are straight. I'm not advocating this, merely pointing out that the way society has thought since the Old Testament is actually more accurate than cutting-edge genetic science. I probably could think of something more sociological and progressive to use for a bit of satire, but last night's "Have I Got News for You" has convinced me that satire is dead.

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  1. Similarly a cheap and fairly reliable weather forecasting algorithm is to assume it will be the same tomorrow as it was today.


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