Saturday, 30 April 2016

Seven Christian Products You're Glad Don't Exist  tells us about seven Christian products that exist but shouldn't. Although I notice that they miss off the "Pope on a rope" that legend has it was sold at Walsingham.

But what other Christian products are just waiting to be created, so you can wish they weren't?

LED Cruet: - To spread salt and light.

Creationist Cheese: It's got large holes in it.

Evangelical Sat Nav: First it gets you lost, then it shows you the way. Then it loudly broadcasts to all passers-by that you're now on the right path.

Shoes with built-in torch: To be a light unto your feet.

Complementarian Oven: Does a DNA analysis of your hand and only allows women to operate the controls.

Churchwarden Monopoly: You never get to "Go" and you're constantly making general repairs and appealing to the Community Chest.

Anglican Bicycle: However you try to steer it, it just wobbles down the middle of the road.

This Anglican bike is well over to the left. But not going anywhere.

With thanks to Annie Porterhouse for the Tweet that led to this

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