Sunday, 1 May 2016

Feeling Sorry for Labour Party Members

Diane Abbott tells us it's a smear to say that Labour has an anti-semitism problem.

When it turns out that a Labour MP - and one who saw off the appalling Galloway - tweeted an image suggesting Israel be transported to the Mid-West of America, that wasn't a smear.

When a leading Labour politician, out of a clear blue sky, decided to say that Hitler was a Zionist on the basis of a controversial "historian", that wasn't a smear.

When another member of the Labour party called him out for it, and some set up a petition calling for that other member to be expelled - that wasn't a smear.

The decent, non-discriminatory members of the Labour Party - who make up the vast majority - who joined because that was the way they believed they could build a decent country - must be crying into their tea or flat beer according to choice. Because they personally don't have an anti-semitism problem.

And the leadership, if it's capable, should get a grip. Ordering an investigation is what you do when you don't want to know the answers for a little while. Just ask Lord Chilcott.

If the Labour Party has an anti-semitism problem, it needs to get rid of it quickly. Because we need a strong opposition, a decent alternative, somebody we can vote for when we want to get rid of the current shower. If Labour has a problem, we all do.


  1. Thank you for your sympathy. We do need to get our idiots under control. But they do not represent the views and ethics of the Labour Party. We have a problem, but much smaller than the Tory press wants you to think.
    Happy May Day!

    1. But bigger than Diane Abbott is prepared to admit to.

  2. Look up the Haavara Agreement. Also look up the EUMC Working Definition of Antsemitism and tell me you don't have an issue with at least 2 of the criteria.

  3. Erm, I think it's actually true that Hitler wanted initially to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine to get them out of Germany (which, I suppose, might make him a kind of Zionist). Then when that proved difficult, he thought about Madagascar or Siberia. Then, when that proved impractical… well, we all know the horrific final solution.

    1. Pastor, I think you're confusing "create a Jewish homeland" with "see a cheap way to get rid of some Jews". And even then that was only with one group. That doesn't make him a Zionst. It makes him an evil opportunist. Haavara Agreement


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