Friday, 17 June 2016

Jesus's Valentine: Turning the World of Biblical Archaeology Upside Down

A long, exhaustive, exhausting and quite likely excellent piece on the origin of the "Gospel of Jesus's Wife".

We at the Beaker Folk have long retained, passed down our secret society for generations, proof that Jesus was in fact in a romantic relationship. It is an ostracon about 4 cm square, from a broken terracotta beaker. On one side is scrawled a picture of a flower. On the other it has this text:

Roses are red
Galilee's blue
I love you more
Than Bartholomew.

We've checked its age, and it looks pretty old. And at least as authentic as the Gospel of Jesus's Wife. So we reckon we can turn the world of Biblical archaeology upside down.


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  1. Bilstum

    - or words to that effect (I don't have my copy to hand).


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