Sunday, 5 June 2016

Resolving Fundamentalist and Liberal Approaches to Genesis

A challenging evening last night at the Beer Buff's Meetup.

A real argument, Dear Readers, about the problem with fundamentalist approaches to Genesis.

In the end, the liberals and the more conservative elements had to agree to disagree. Although we all accepted that the first album was awful and Trespass was dubious, the liberals said that everything up to Duke was probably OK.

The fundamentalists said if it weren't Gabriel, it weren't Genesis.

Not recognised as canon


  1. Spot on, Burton. No Gabriel, no Genesis.

  2. Oh Dear.

    Arguing about respective albums or the inclusion of lead singers is a poor way to appreciate vintage music.

    Better to listen carefully to their whole output (it will take a couple of days) and than complete a multiple choice question and answer quiz and having collated the results, name the best by choice. That is of course, you can wake the audience from their slumber, which they will have fallen into within the first five minutes - given that they're all pensioners like the group itself.


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