Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Brexit Means Wrecks It

Hot off the press. News that Theresa May has selected a crack team to deal with the European Union in the Brexit negotiations.

They will be prepared to compromise as long as none of the red lines are crossed. They are trained in negotiations in fine detail that last long into the night. They are able to spot the weaknesses in any argument put against them. And they will have a strong hand because if after all that, they still don't get what they want, they will be prepared to walk out of Europe unilaterally and leave the EU to deal with the consequences.

Yeah, you're probably ahead of me. She's given the job to a Church music group.


  1. Church music group be blowed. It is a little-known fact* that Mrs May did her basic training with a crack team of commando flower-ladies,and, knowing that these ladies could eat the average organist for breakfast, with a couple of deacons for elevenses, without so much as a ladylike burp, she has recruited a bunch of same for The Negotiations.

    *which I just made up

  2. I heard that Borish Johnson was going to be dressed as a Flower Lady for the negotiations, because they need someone with #NoBalls against him.


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