Monday, 19 September 2016

Christianity and Corbyn's Labour: A Comparison

ChristianityNew Old Labour
Old bloke with a beard has supernatural powersOld bloke with a beard has supernatural powers
Hard work getting women into leading positionsHard work getting women into leading positions
Kneeling on hard floorsSitting on train floors
Big meetings in big cities but losing touch with the country as a wholeBut our meetings in big cities are really big.
Belief in a perfect future. If we just nationalise the railways and shut the schools we went to, everything will be brilliant.
Endless meetingsEndless meetings
Alcohol every week and at all special occasions.We came out of Methodism.
The Jews are God's chosen people. We are glad to be grafted into their heritage.Anyone seen Ken?
Big in the 1840s.Big in the 1940s.
Struggling to keep old buildings openWe should never have closed the mines.
Occasionally people will crack jokes during sermons.Sorry. No idea.
The vicar's wife is expected to provide cakes to visitors.The leader is making jam. But you can forget biscuits.
Evangelicals expect influence due to their monetary contributions.Unions expect influence due to their monetary contributions.
Declining membership.Millions of new members! On Twitter! Anyone know what to do with them?

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  1. Always curious how those who run the CofE won't pay for it, despite holding 100% of bishoprics and church admin positions, but sneer at those who do pay all the bills for "demanding influence" (code for "asking to be heard. Sometimes").


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