Monday, 26 September 2016

Ministry of Reconciliation

I would like to thank the Beaker Folk for their overwhelming support for me in this weekend's Archdruidical election. An  amazing 7,129 votes to 49! Even more amazing when you consider the membership of the Beaker Folk was, until recently, only 50. Just shows the great leap forward in democracy since we opened membership up to people who once viewed the Facebook page.

I would like to assure the losers and their friends not to expect an Inquisition after my great triumph. Indeed, to help with the process of healing I will be instituting a Ministry of Reconciliation  (MiniRec) - dedicated to truth and harmony. And as soon as I have established the truth of who voted against me, I will be increasing harmony by moving them to the "Stables". This sounds like one of those cutesy rustic names given to annexes at all the best rural retreat houses.

Doesn't it?

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  1. I didn't vote for you - I don't believe in Arch Druids, they're a bit like Bishops, jumped up Clerks in Holy Orders, who get to wear glitzy frocks and cloaks and Lord it over the rest of us.

    No, Druid is the bottom rank on the Druid Clergy list with Assistant and Trainee druids to make the coffee and do the work. So, electing someone to be 'Arch' means being very 'Camp' and speaking like Mr Nimmo in All Gas and Gaiters, totally against the druidic standing orders.


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