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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Feast of St Frideswide of Oxford

Hnaef: I mean, really, do we have to?

Archdruid: Shut up, Cambridge Boy. We celebrated your lot didn't we?

Hnaef: Yes. Well, you remembered Cranmer...

Archdruid: There you are then.

Hnaef: You lit a bonfire...

Archdruid: Of course. That's what we do.

Hnaef: You don't think that was... a bit tactless?

Archdruid: OK-  it's St Frideswide's Day. Bit of respect?

Hnaef: So what did she do?

Archdruid: Search me. Something out Godstow way, weren't it?

Hnaef: You don't know what she did?

Archdruid: Not a Scooby. This is Oxford. We are the right-brained, cuddly university. Honey-coloured stone, dreaming spires, punting through the Parks on a hazy June evening, running the country.... we don't do logic and nerdism.


Archdruid: Don't know. Don't care. Have a tea light? And stop being so Cambridge...


  1. Lynn the abashed19/10/2016, 18:53

    Cor, she's actually real Saint! and a Princess, who knew?

    1. ... and even as far south as Wantage. She's always included in the Litany of the saints.

  2. I love Frideswide (known to her pals as 'Fritha' She was educated at home by a governess, a lady chosen for her piety rather than her learning, who had one rule,
    "If it's not God it's worth nothing." This inadequate education bore fruit when a prince who had heard of her beauty came seeking her hand in marriage. Fritha and her friends fled and when they reached the Thames a young man dressed all in white offered them a lift in his boat. They'd led a sheltered life and concluded that his kindness was because he was an angel. I suppose, given the possibilities, that their setting up a convent in a pigsty was a happy ending of sorts.
    (My son's been using my computer again, I'm 'Pidge' not Anon 21 grrr)

    1. I know the feeling. I have to keep my wits about me to avoid accidentally commenting as JudyATStLukes.

    2. Grief. All this pseudonymity. I don't know whom I can trust any more.

    3. does that mean Frideswide is actually pronounced Frithaswitha (sorry, I'm a Cambridge person and don't know these things)


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