Monday, 17 October 2016

Minutes of the Moot Meeting

1. The meeting started with the lighting of a tea light and a period of warm fuzziness.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting: Charlii said that judging by the minutes, everyone had been on strong drugs at the last meeting.

3. Drayswulf suggested we revisit all the decisions of the last meeting as they seemed a bit radical. Eileen said why not, that's what we do every month after all.

4. Mission: Jesmir suggested some kind of Mission would be good. Everyone agreed. Eileen said we probably wouldn't want to do anything specifically Beaker as that would be implying we had something special worth sharing. Proposal: That we all have a bit of a think about Mission-  passed nem con.

5. The Flower Arrangers have annexed the Craft Cupboard. The Messy Church have pointed out that the Craft Cupboard is theirs. The Flower Arrangers claimed that the Craft Cupboard has been a part of their territory since 1749, and they have reinforced their claim with a number of drone strikes against the Music Group.

6. Eileen announced she has sacked the bell ringers. It was pointed out we don't actually have any bells. Eileen therefore announced an appeal to build a bell tower, with a three-year plan to sack the ringers after they have started.

7. The Committee to decide whether to move the tea light stand a bit reported back. They aren't sure whether to move it 6 or 7 inches to the left. Oznir asked whether they had considered moving it to the right. They hadn't, but will take it away and report back in the new year.

8. The Catering Committee asked whether, in the light of the Marmite embargo, we should switch to an alternative spread. A sub-committee was elected to consider possibilities such as jam, honey or marmalade.

9. The treasurer, Burton, said he was unable to give a report as the Invoices Shed has once again spontaneously combusted.

10. The Archdruid reported on her recent short fact-finding trip to Jersey.

11. The possibility of an ecumenical event with the Guinea Pig Worshipers of Stewartby was discussed and discarded, on the grounds that they're a bunch of "rodent-obsessed heretics who smell of straw."

12. The meeting ended with a fight at 2am.


  1. Change the names and you could have our PCC :)

  2. As a long-standing guinea-pig worshiper, I would like to point out that the smell is hay, and not straw, as alleged in your piece.

  3. Can anyone worship anything validly with american spelling ?

  4. inadvertant typos, lowercase and similar punctuaTION MISTAKES oddities caused by keyboard gremlins, etc aside, of course,


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