Friday, 28 October 2016

That All Saints' Tide Weekend Calendar in Full

Friday 28 OctoberHalloween Friday
Saturday 29 OctoberHalloween Saturday / All Saints' Eve (transferred)
Sunday 30 OctoberAll Saints (transferred) / Halloween Eve (transferred)
Monday 31 OctoberHalloween / All Saints' Eve (unless that was Saturday)
Tuesday 1 NovemberAll Saints' Day (unless that was Sunday) / All Souls' Eve (transferred)
Wednesday 2 NovemberAll Souls' Day
Thursday 3 NovemberPumpkin Soup


  1. At this very moment, someone at CBEW is going "D'oh! However did we miss those?" ie the chance to transfer to Sunday All Saints AND All Souls at one go, then realising that transferring both of them to Sunday might be considered as over-egging the pudding.... Besides driving the sacristans crazy.

  2. Except if you're in Australia. Halloween is Un-Australian


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