Monday, 21 November 2016

Liturgy for Another Load of Floods

Archdruid: Nice weather for ducks.

Ducks: Bit wet, actually.

Archdruid: Sarcastic, feathery freaks.

Ducks: Insults don't bother us. Water off a....

Archdruid: Yeah, OK. Can we get onto the psalm now?

Ducks: Knock yourself out.

Archdruid: Into the depths I fall.

All: The waters rise up on every side.

Archdruid: Lucky I've got a Chelsea Tractor.

All: Yes. They're perfect for the school run, aren't they?

Archdruid: Bit wet in the south west, mind.

All: Yeah. But they're used to it.

Archdruid: Very level, Somerset.

All: Can we nip off early?

Archdruid: Yeah. Good idea.

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