Friday, 2 February 2018

Epitaph for Nigel the Lonely Gannet

Farewell to Nigel, lonely gannet
the saddest bird upon our planet.
Though odd, and though it sounds absurd
he fell in love with a concrete bird.

He brought her sticks and minnow meat,
dreamed of the patter of concrete feet.
He built a nest, and spoke of love,
wondered why they never soared above

and saw the wonders of the earth
or brought some Readymix eggs to birth.
Instead, till Nigel grew quite old,
she always seemed a little cold.

Now Nigel's served his lonely purpose
and gone to join George, the lonesome tortoise.
To roam the heavenly islands free
with concrete gannet angels by an opal sea.

Men, learn from Nigel's lonely life
His failed attempts to win a wife.
If a woman won't answer to your call
she'd rather you weren't there at all.

Melissa Sparrow (Mrs)

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  1. That could be the Epitaph for Nigel Farage?


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