Monday, 19 February 2018

The 6th Day of Lent

Just want to calm Beaker Folk down. They were panicking that possibly the Woodwose had gone feral again.

It's just Marston Moretaine going through Lent. Three years ago he gave up meat, and put on 2 stone by eating crisps to compensate.

Two years ago he gave up meat and crisps - and put on 2 stone by eating chocolate to compensate.

Last year he ate about 6 hundredweight of peanuts making up for not eating meat, crisps or chocolate.

So this year he's given the peanuts the push as well. And it takes a horrendous amount of cheese straws to make up for that loss of snack-based calories. Four packs a day, as it turns out.

Trouble is, all those cheese straws seem to have affected his biochemistry. Eight inch long body hair. And howling at where the moon would be, were there a moon.

It's only 6 weeks till Easter.  And we're all counting the days.

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