Friday, 16 March 2018

A Modern Morality Tale

"Michael Stipe told the BBC's Andrew Marr in 2016. "If there was one song that was sent into outer space to represent R.E.M. for the rest of time, I would not want it to be Shiny Happy People"."

If there were one REM song sent into space for the rest of time, what do you reckon it would be?

Want a good laugh? Want to laugh at the church? Want to be secretly suspicious that the author has been sitting in your church committee meetings taking notes? Then Writes of the Church: Gripes and grumbles of people in the pews is probably the book for you.

From Amazon, Sarum Bookshop, The Bible Readers Fellowship and other good Christian bookshops. An excellent book for your churchgoing friends, relatives or vicar. By the creator of the Beaker Folk.


  1. Oh life, indeed ... But if it were up to me, I think I'd plump for Radio Free Europe.

  2. If there was an award for miming to a record, this might win it. I remember vaguely the song, but had never heard of REM or seen them, now I hope to forget it ever happened.


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