Friday, 22 June 2018

A Message for all Soon-to-be Ordained

Every year at Petertide and, to a degree, at Michaelmas, the Church of England ordains its new deacons and priests.

And I would like to share a message with the soon-to-be-ordained. It's a message that draws from the deep wells of Christian tradition. It's a message that, I hope, will see them through those tricky early times - a mixture of hope, excitement and confusion - after ordination. It's also a message that I have passed on before. And it's this.

Stop bloody jumping in the air in photographs. You're not 18, you're not in the Telegraph and you've not just got three As at A Level.

Thank you for listening.

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  1. It’s also tricky in a cassock, surplice and stole especially once the excess communion wine has been consumed. Tripping rather than Trumping....

  2. I think that the pictures of Ordinand's levitating is amusing. Hoping for a head start into heaven.

    Of course, they might just be filled with Joy at reaching a staging post to PriestHood, which they will have worked towards for a long time. We should be jumping for joy alongside them, but old bones make us grumpy as you display here.


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