Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Feast of Doubt and Uncertainty

Please can we not enter into our St Thomas's Day with quite such enthusiasm as last year.

Having people shouting "I find that hard to believe" all the way through the sermon was, frankly, a bit annoying.

But all the way through the Nicene Creed? We might as well be in the Church of England.


9 am : A Celebration of Dynamic Doubt

11 am : Conspiracy Theory Corner

12 noon : Lunch. Or is it really?

2 pm : The Don Cupitt hour

4 pm : "I Believe I Can Fly" : The Theology of Our Kelly

7 - 10 pm : England qualify for the Quarter Finals of the Men's Football World Cup

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  1. If you managed the Nicean creed without someone substituting doubt for believe, you were on a winner.

    The Apostles Creed is shorter and not so wordy, but easier to spot the doubters and give them a theological slap.


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