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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Festival of Frogs

As the warm weather progresses we felt it right to acknowledge the spiritual significance of frogs.

Unfortunately the only parable we know about frogs is that story about the one in the well that can't see much sky. We did talk about liturgically dropping them down the Legendary Endless Well, but when we did a test-drop it went "splat" rather than "splash". Clearly not as bottomless as we thought. Or it really has been a dry summer.

Still, I would like us all to take away this thought.

A frog doesn't dream of lordship. Doesn't stress itself with ambition. Doesn't reach for the sky - even that patch it could see from the bottom of a well, if it hadn't died tragically when it landed.

No,  frogs swim about, free. Mate once a year, with reckless abandon, for about a week. Slink through the dewy grass of morn exulting in the sheer stuffness of things.

And then get tragically strimmed. Or torn to pieces by a cat. Or eaten by a dog. It ain't easy being green.


  1. Drop them in a pot of boiling water and they jump out. Put them in a pot of cold water and heat it up to boiling, and they stay in it and are boiled alive. Take this on faith, don't try it at home!

  2. I think that the #Froggishing in this post is cruel and unbecoming an Arch Druid.

    However, I'd expect it of a witch, who practices the dark arts, which the Arch Druid is obviously an expert in.


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