Sunday, 23 December 2007

Activities for December 23

Full Moon, and the 43rd anniversary of the departure of Dr Beeching from the railways

6am - grumbling about what time it is

6.30am - donning of anoraks

7am - words of thanksgiving that the Bedford-Bletchley line is still running

8am - breathless excitement at the possible forthcoming reopening of the Oxford line

8.30am - cursing the memory of Dr Beeching

9am - doffing of anoraks

11am - martins

12am - nuns

2pm - terse

4pm - socks

6pm -10pm - migrations

11pm - barking at the moon

1 comment :

  1. hmm- would martini's at 11am have been more appropriate? Surely they would have added to the holiday mood!


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