Saturday 21 June 2008

Summer Solstice

Reading my last posting I notice that I seem to have become rather tired. This continued throughout Friday. At one point I had to be awoken, having fallen asleep on the doily machine. I was covered in lint.
I dragged myself to the Lighting of the Solstice Flame. I had snatched a few minutes' sleep during the evening, broken by the sounds of Young Keith and his pals singing traditional Turkish songs on the way back from watching the Euro 08 game at Cranfield Club. But I was still feeling seriously disoriented.
Clearly feeling rather sorry for me, Eileen pulled out of her pocket a small clay pipe, ready-primed with Archdruid's Special Old Strong Herbal Mix. Lighting it from a convenient tealight, I only took one puff and I felt myself instantly refreshed. Not only could I continue with the Solstice Flame service, I became amazed by the reflections on the Feast Day White Hi-Viz vests that the Archdruid had equipped us with. The patterns of the tealights, the feel of the rain, the clouds sweeping overhead, reflected in the overglow ofMilton Keynes - I felt so part of it all. I could fall with the rain, sweep with the clouds - even feel a strange desire to join the nightlife of Fenny Stratford...
I discovered subsequently that I really did not want to go to sleep at all before the Sunrise event itself. To while away the three hours, I found myself running rapidly up and down the Ridgmont Bypass, marvelling at the texture of the road. Come 4 am, I was still going strong. In fact, even now 17 hours after sunrise, I'm still awake. However, the tiredness is coming over me now. Maybe I'll just have a quick nap...

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