Monday 24 August 2009

The electric frogs

I've had an offer from Bertrand for him to supply us with his Amazing Electric Frogs stall for the fete.  I'm really not convinced.  The idea is, you may remember, based on the old game where you try to get a metal hook all the way round a wire maze without it touching the wire - if you touch a wire the buzzer goes off.
I know that Bertrand thinks that including live frogs in the circuit adds an amusing and yet back-to-nature feel to this game.  And people tell me that the frogs do seem to enjoy the suspense, and don't really suffer - indeed, they sing out quite pleasantly as the charge goes through them.  But I don't think that a community with such a bad record for guinea pig deaths as we have suffered should be involved in anything that could be construed as animal cruelty.  So we're going to pass on this one.

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