Friday 24 August 2018


Once again the Beaker Folk have packed up the Moot House for the August bank holiday and headed to Not Greenbelt, the virtual arts festival run by Graham Hartland every year in aid of the Big Issue Foundation. You can support them here, and follow the fun on Twitter here.

This year we've got the excitement of "Post-modern Church Finance" by Norbert Dranesqueezer. In which he tells us the importance of making savings regardless of what they cost. The Spaniel Quartet will once again be performing their award-winning "Howling at the Moon" set. And Amos Starkadder will be speaking on "What Mark Driscoll lacks in manliness, charisma and Quivering."

 Gonna be a great weekend.

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  1. The #notgb18 movement seems a little more muted than past years, but even the #gb18 tweets are a bit absent. Perhaps they've learned compassion for those who close their twitter accounts for the whole weekend, to avoid being overloaded with or suppressing posts with the #gb18 tag.


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