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Monday, 24 September 2018

The Autumn Egguinox

Well that's 24 hours most of the Beaker Folk could have done with not losing like that.

All comes down to what I'm gonna have to call a non-segguitur in the Daily Eggspress. Warning - that's where this link goes. Don't read it. You'll probably catch Breggsit.

But in the article we are told,

"On the day of the equinox, the length of day and night is almost exactly the same, which has led some to believe it is the perfect day to balance an egg."

What nobody is telling us is precisely how the amount of daylight led anyone to think "I know - what I really need to do is balance an egg". I mean, how do you get from one proposition to the other? There is no obvious connection. But wait. There's more.

"Although it is perfectly acceptable and possible to balance an egg on any other day of the year, this could be a fun exercise to try out with children – preferably with hardboiled eggs."

That's right. According to the Daily Express, someone has the job of deciding on what days it is acceptable to balance eggs. The discovery that it's every day must be reassuring to those Eggspress readers who once accidentally balanced an egg on the Summer Solstice and have been wondering ever since if they committed some dreadful faux pas.

But the thing about the Equinoxes is, they're actually really boring. You've got an average amount of daylight. The sun rises and sets in very average places. The  temperature is a bit above average in September but then it's a bit below average in March. So that balances out.

But it was that or another game of Connect 4. So what the heck, thought the Beaker Folk. Let's have a crack at it. Oh the egg-citement as we started.
12 hours later, covered in yolk, not a single balanced egg. That's when some fool remembered all the own-brand Advocaat we couldn't face last Christmas.

Six hours of increasingly powerful snowballs later, we started making our own from egg yolks, sherry and lemonade.

I'll be honest. It's been a rough day.
But we'll try again in March. And I think I've got the solution. Next time we'll try balancing them on the blunt end.


  1. Depends upon where you are balancing the egg. If you're using your nose that is dicey, if you are balancing them on your head, still dicey, but a bit safer. The obvious cheat is to superglue them to your nose - which would help the competition, but might be an issue when you try to remove them. Well and truly shelled.


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