Thursday 21 February 2019

Turn to Your Neighbour and Scream

Much horror around the Community at the revelation that Justin Welby, at the General Synod, encouraged people to turn to their neighbours and share their joy in their faith. On its own an action to make one regret the Reformation.

I mean, this sort of thing is OK for Pentecostals. They can share their experiences of warmed hearts and salvation experiences. But Anglicans? At Synod? I presume a few were heartily encouraged by what they shared. And a few rejoiced in how they'd got the Victorian Society in to put one over the Church Wardens in their misuse of antique tea towels.

We had the misfortune a few years ago to accidentally invite someone from the AoG to lead a retreat day. I mean, I thought we were getting  the Archdeacon of Grantchester. Not the Assemblies of God. Towards the end, she invited us to share with our next-door neighbours what we'd learnt during the day.

I had to feel for poor Gerund, as Sedrick turned to him, and told him he'd realised that life was a pointless struggle, that death is the end, and the universe will end in screaming chaos. But there was worse.

Imagine the horror overcoming Stacey Bushes, as Burton Dasset declared he had realised he loved her as he'd never loved a woman before. Almost as much, indeed, as he loved his solar-powered desk calculator.

Stacey was in Aylesbury before she stopped running.


  1. It was a seriously pointless moment in a rather lacklustre address. But then that's General synod for you.

  2. Thank the Lord, that no-one overseas will be able to hear our screams after we have left Europe to their own devices after March 29th. At least we will be able to find our way to Good Friday without all their usual bureaucratic interference in Holy Week, and there wiil be little fear for us all, of people getting too excited on Plough Sunday. BACK TO THE OLD TESTAMENT FOR ALL PROPER ENGLISH BELIEVERS.
    yours sincerely, Theresa of Downing St.

  3. I wonder if Mr Welby is allowing his charismatic evangelical roots show? I recommend a return to the hair dresser who polishes his scalp for a revival of his Broad Anglican perspective or there will be a revolution in the pews, with every parishioner on the electoral roll, demanding an individual pew, with doors on them.


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