Wednesday 18 January 2023

Sabbath Sickness Blues

It was nice to see Dorney in the chip shop in Woburn Sands earlier.
Most of us haven't seen Dorney since March 2020. He has apparently been terribly ill, and is therefore still very scared of catching Covid.
So I was very pleased to see him, and asked when we might see him at the Moot House again.
However, turns out it's only partial good news and he's still ill and very scared of Covid on Sundays.
We pray for Dorney's continued recovery, to the point where he's well seven days a week.

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  1. Google having somehow lost my account, or maybe it's been hacked, I have to comment anon, until I can get it fixed. I empathise with Dorney. Having had a dose of covid back in 2020, I can confirm that for some of us the side-effects drag on, vaccines or not. One is that you can genuinely feel A-OK one day and an unrevived corpse the next; this is a symptom common to many autoimmune disorders, BTW. The second symptom is that the slightest stress can disproportionally trigger a massive response, and whatever Dorney's circumstances are, attending the Moot may be one of those stressors. I have taken nearly two years to get back to Mass, fortunately my parish priest has been understanding of the problem and supportive. Keep well, yours sincerely, Charles


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