Monday, 25 June 2012

Aunty Spume Massage

I have the following message from my IT Security consultant, Officer Crabtree. I felt it was better that you received the message directly from him, as his communications are already scrambled so as to confuse snoopers.

Good Moaning.

It is my sud ditty to unform you that Orcdruid Aileen has usked me to enfuse fill sick oratory on this blig.

Frome noo on you mist lag on with a Bligger or ether ooser name to love cements. We are surrey this will mork A Ninny Mouse revile their secrete odontity - bit we are gitting tow much spume.

We lurk to kip Hisborne Curley as Eipen as pissible. But we err affried that we hid no chase. We hoop this will nit detar you from loving your cements. Coop corm and curry Anne.


  1. Not sure what this is all about, but it seems to be something to do with blogger log on's and spam.

    Not sure what an American processed pork has to do with logging onto blogger, unless we now need to lift up a key on the can and turn it spirally to post a comment?

    Bit difficult without an ipad.

  2. Fill sick oratory? Is this a Binnydictine spiritual pricktise? Ind will loving my cements in a Binnydictine blig cint as an infringe mint of my tittery FrinCiscan rul?

    Niver mind. I shill lag my Bliggers and love my cements with grey a bin din.

    Pichy it Binny

  3. Good moaning! Massage ressooved and inderstid! Bligger occunt crayooted.

  4. Oo think you earl. Hoop it's nit two mich bather.


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