Wednesday, 6 June 2012

D-day +68

Remembering the lads who landed on Sword Beach (and the others, of course) 68 years ago. And the poor sods on the other side who faced them. Two armies fighting over the mess that an evil man and his ghastly mates had made.

May those who died rest in peace. And since most of those who came through it have died since, may they rest in peace also. English, Polish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Canadian, German, Irish, Dutch, Belgian, American, Commonwealth and all the rest - may they all rest in peace.


  1. I was thinking about my Uncle, taken as a POW in Egypt in Early 1942. Sent to Italy, Escaped, fought with the Partisans, recaptured, badly beaten and taken to Germany. Escaping again and making allied lines just before the end.

    He passed away last October never having forgotten his war. The over 800 fatal casualties that his Battalion of the DLI suffered, and all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    My father who was also in Egypt, managed avoid being taken POW, and served throughout the desert campaigns, all the way through Sicily, Italy ending in Austria at the end.

    So many friends lost or so badly damaged by war that they suffered for their lifetimes with undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress.

    May they all Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.

  2. Yes, here in the States it is far too often remembered as the day we came and saved your butts, it is not only historically inaccurate, but grossly unfair to all those who were there and it pisses me off. It was a huge effort by thousands from all over Europe, not just soldiers but all those civilians as well who supported their men with provisions, places to hide, meet and gather. A multinational effort that we Americans were proud to be a part of. Bless all those who sacrificed so much, both military and civilian on this day minus 68 and all days of the conflict. This American knows the history and salutes all my neighbors on the other side of the pond who together brought the world from the brink.


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