Thursday, 28 June 2012

Discover your Inner Squirrel

A very unusual session today.

According to Prof Heide Ensiek, every human has a squirrel personality - or "squersonality", and a squirrel spirituality - or "squirituality".

The squersonality types are:

Red: Timid homebodies
Gray: Aggressive go-getters

While the squiritualities are:
Ground-dwellers: Tied to the earth, occupied by earthly things, never looking up.
Tree-dwellers: Happy to loop up - but traditionalist and still needing to cling to the trees.
Flying squirrels: Prepared to let go and see where you land.

Combining the two squersonalities and the three squiritualities gives the six squirrel types. So gray ground-dwellers will agressively defend their patch. While red flying squirrels are prepared to withdraw into the spiritual unknown - the squilderness - to avoid the noise and mundanity.

Prof Ensiek does not claim to be a zoologist.

The practical session dissolved into chaos. People were leaping from trees and smashing into the ground. Burton dug himself a burrow. And Stacey Bushes - who at least has a suitable surname - ended up clinging to a trunk 30 feet up, whimpering.

Next week it's "What kind of Meerkat are you?"

I can't wait.

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