Wednesday, 20 June 2012

FIFA to Introduce "Tax-Dodging Technology"

Sepp Cameron has astounded the world of tax-dodging by announcing his plans to introduce new tax-dodging technology. He is introducing systems to detect when someone has gone over the arbitrary line between decent, law-abiding minimisation of tax payment and things that are "frankly morally wrong".

"It was quite simple," said a spokesman I've just made up, "in the days when tax avoidance going 'over the line' was benefiting large companies and Conservative Party donors, we believed there was no need to introduce this kind of system. But now we've realised that satirical comedians are able to dodge taxes in exactly the same way, it's more important to spot when it has gone over the line."

"In the past we depended on blokes who didn't have a clue to oversee this kind of arrangement. But now I've realised that we need to put in place ways of stopping it. Frankly, it's morally wrong."

Unnecessary Diagram of Policing an Arbitrary Line


  1. He could try putting a simple explanation on our bank note - like they tried to do with the offside rule on 50p coins a while back.

    1. There is no simple explanation. I've heard a rumour that the Uinversity of Bedfordshire (formerly Luton Tech) are thinking of introducing a degree in it.

  2. I dislike paying tax, but do so because it's a moral duty to share my wealth with the nation. Quote. David Beckham.


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