Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Godliness on the Increase in America

I am heartened by reading the survey on American belief in evolution vs creationism.

For it turns out that more Americans are creationist  than 30 years ago! The number that believe in evolution have also increased, and only those Laodiceans who believe in some kind of God-guided evolution have decreased.

What could be greater proof of our master plan? By making the rejection of evolution an article of faith, something the fools in the United Kingdom's so-called "mainline denominations" have failed to do, the Godly have forced people into making a choice. The primrose path of compromise that leads to perdition - rolling gently as it does, the third option between the narrow path that leads to blessing and the gap in the hedge that leads straight off a cliff - I tell you, that primrose path is no longer such an attractive route as it was! In America, to a greater degree than 30 years ago, we know the ones who are with us - and the ones who are truly against us.

Fools like the Archdruid next door would insist that this is not an either-or question. But then she also believes that, contrary to reason, subatomic particles can also be waves. She has sold out completely to the world - and now has had the judgement of discovering that, 22 years ago, she had a son out of wedlock. What more proof could she need that her views are wrong?

We of the godly must now press home the debate in this country. Is it God or evolution? One cannot have both.


  1. Oh dear, you have been subverted by American Creationist's. Shame on you!

    All self respecting believers know that we come from nothing, and when we go, we become nothing. So, we need to get a hook in, so we wrote Genesis to convince the gullible that someone could build the world in seven days.

    Everybody knows that it's an allegory for God just being and clicking his fingers in the nothing, which lit a spark to become something. Everything else followed from that.

    Even Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawkinge believe in the nothing theory, they just twist it to their own devices to deny that God could click his fingers and create the spark.

    In fact, God didn't even need to click his(her) fingers, he just needed to think, and the world began and evolved.

    The good bit of all of this, is that having created the world from nothing, God realised his mistake and sorted it out and promised us something after we return to nothing. We can be with him in his nothing and adore him. What more could any self-respecting believer need to know.

  2. "Out of wedlock"? Wouldn't it be more charitable to suppose that the so-called Archdruid contracted an unwise marriage, and then she and her baby boy were abandoned by her unworthy husband, who then found himself another woman? Then, as you would no doubt have counselled her, she vowed to remain single for the rest of her life, and entrusted her child to others so that he could benefit from a father figure in his life. Just because the Archdruid compromises on evolution, she should not be presumed to be an immoral woman.

    1. More charitable, Peter. But sadly mistaken.

      A holiday romance with a romantic Zorba-type, who disappeared into the olive groves quicker than an Athenian tax return turns into a Greek myth. But you're right on the father figure. PC Ben Connolly and Gertie have been marvellous. And Keith's unfortunate habit of blowing stuff up could only be genetic.

    2. Sounds like Drayton has inside info. I wonder how? But I guess in the circumstances he would still recommend lifetime chastity, even if as a good Baptist he wouldn't call it a penance.

    3. If you knew Drayton, you'd call lifetime chastity a sensible move on Marjory's part. I should point out this was all in the late 80s, which was a different time. This was before my parents perished in that hay-baler accident, or my brother ended up locked in the attic. Appearances were so important.

  3. What's all the fuss about Americans and creationists? They sure didn't poll anyone under 40 or anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line or west of the Rocky Mountains. I find this absurdly unscientific. Which is, I presume, what they are good at since it's clearly biased. Glad to see that the only attention AE has placed on it is the revelations made by this smarmy fellow.

  4. It's obviously turtles all the way down...

    Now to do battle with the security words again.


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