Thursday, 21 June 2012

Inflate your own Stonehenge

You can't blame Young Keith too much. He meant well.

Considering how glum I was about the rained-off Solstice, he took inspiration from the inflatable Stonehenge that's doing the rounds and thought he'd create one for our afternoon devotions.

I presume, however, that the one in the news is like a bouncy-castle idea, blown up with a giant hair-dryer. Not filled with helium gas.

Needless to say, it slipped its moorings when Burton had a bounce on it. I've had to apologise to Cranfield aerodrome after a prehistoric monument, complete with terrified Burton, floated across their air space. It's been a rotten Solstice.


  1. That must have been some sight!!

    Did Burton have his calculator with him? And, has he now managed to calculate the average height and windspeed for his flight?

    And, you haven't mentioned where or if he actually landed? Is he on the way to Australia on an inflatable Stonehenge?

  2. At least he'd look considerably more dignified than the Darwin Award nominee from years ago that tied weather balloons to his lawn chair replete with a six-pack of cheap beer and a BB gun (to shoot the balloons in order to land). Poor guy rocketed up to an insane altitude, was picked up by an upper level current and drifted into LAX airspace. Rumor has it that it took some special flying to rescue the redneck idiot. I am certain Burton flew with much more flair and panache. Though now he may be up for an "almost Darwin Award" (since I'm assuming he's not dead).


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