Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Some Initial Confusion

Some confusion for Drayton earlier. He wandered round to issue his latest anathema just as Hnaef and I were discussing the change in initials and terminology that caused "NSM" to become "SSM". Of course, in some denominations this is because "Non-stipendiary Minister" became "Self-Supporting Minister". It was felt this accentuated the positive (i.e. they pay for themselves) rather than the negative (they're not worth paying, or whatever the negative was meant to be). But this was before SSM took on a new meaning, and Drayton has waging a long pulpit campaign against Same-Sex Marriage. Naturally he assumed that NSM was therefore an alternative to SSM. Which led him, in a moment of rather rash self-disclosure, to tell us that No-Sex Marriage was good enough for him and Marjory, as two Bible-believing Christians. So he didn't see why anyone else should be having more fun.

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