Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Today's Twitter Stats

24 hours to 0600 GMT

Degree of lean to the Left: 74%

Overall self-centredness: 14%

Dead Celebrity Accuracy: 4%

Cat Cuteness Ratio: 7%

Percentage of Spambots whose Avatars are ugly Males: 0%

Average checking of Twitter popularity / unfollow / Klout rating nonsense: 27%

Trollage: 1.9%

Soccage + Pannage: 1.1%

Retweeting of Made-up Stats / Twop Twips / Newsbiscuit stories: 3%

Belief that by RT'ing something worthy you are changing the world: 18%

Displacement from reading / work / praying / real life that should be happening: 47%

Percentage in favour of Same Sex Marriage: 83%

Percentage in favour of Michael Gove: 2%

Deluded Green Beliefs: 17%

Humidity: 85%

Humility: 7%

Dodgy Medical Advice: 89%

Useful homoeopathy: 6x10**(-23)%

Justin Bieber: 9%

Justin Beiber: 9%

Chuck Norris jokes: 7%

Prayers promised but not said: 4%


  1. Just wondering where all the spam scriptural quotes are?

    Because they seem to form the majority of those that I see daily - targeted at identified Christian tweeps.

    If I want an inspirational quote, I'll go to my KJV and allow it to flop open at any page - works for me.

    Latest quote concerning bagat, which seems appropriate for Abraham.

  2. Random scripture guidance works for Sikh's. Gave it a try, Wisdom 6:14 (obviously NRSV not KJV)"One who rises early to seek her (wisdom) will have no difficulty for she will be found sitting at the gate"
    Hmmm, I wonder if tapping away at the computer counts; the only thing 'sitting at the gate' is a desperate dog. Time to get something useful done.


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