Friday, 9 November 2012

An Urgent Investigation

I'd like to thank Rodrick for running up to me this morning with a list of "facts" and challenging me to prove they are wrong. These include:

The Roswell Incident

The Banks have assaassinated every US president since Lincoln, and replaced them with lizards from the Tribble Planet

The Titanic wasn't the Titanic at all, but an identical ship that was pretending to be the Titanic

Giant intelligenr rats roam the London Underground, feeding on bits of discarded human skin and cleaners.

Obviously I can't comment immediately, as I need to set up some investigations. But I will state unequivocally that they must be true, as he read them on the Internet.

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  1. I also read that Borish Johnson is the reincarnation of an Arch Druid!

    I can see this with his magic touch with things and people that turns the streets of London into Cycle tracks and pathways to riches, particularly if you live in Kensington and Chelsea.

    He has the people touch, not the Jimmy Saville sort, but that which reaches out to people and makes them laugh. In fact, he is easily better than Lembik Opik as a Stand Up comedian.

    I'm waiting for the day he returns to Parliament, becomes the PM and slaughters the opposition across the Despatch box. That will make PMQ's into a three ring circus, rather than the rather tame name calling, yah, yah, boo event it is these days.


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