Friday, 23 November 2012

Common People like You

I've received this letter from the Prime Minister, of North Oxfordshire:

Dear Humph

Seeing the results of your Moot House elections has left me feeling that the Beaker People are not concerned to be representative of the British people.

I've been down the list of Mootfolk, and what is transparently obvious is that there are no Old Etonians.

Now, obviously I don't want to throw my weight around here. And I know that Hnaef went to a minor public school, and of course you were up at the 'Nose. But for obvious reasons you were never going to be allowed into the Bullers, were you? And being a member of the "Lubert Stryer Memorial Knitting Cirlcle" is not the same thing at all.

So I'm sorry, old girl. Until you get more Old Etonians into the Moot, you're not going to see any druids in the House of Lords. Your community needs to reflect the real world - the one I live in. After all, we've even got a woman in the Cabinet! Although I have to remember not to keep calling her "Nanny".

Toodle pip!


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