Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Good day to bury badly-thought-through news

"More children should be in care", say MPs

"MP was seen at care home" say former residents.

Yes there are children at risk from their parents. But "Care", even today, is apparently not always that great. Perhaps the Government should prove that "Care" is now a safe place for children, and once we've established that it's less harmful to children than some parents are, we'll talk about whether we should shift the scales in favour of Care?


  1. By your title, you mean like announcing the new Archbishop of Canterbury?

    1. You now you're getting old when the Archbishop of Canterbury is younger than you.

  2. Love it. Gutted I didn't think of it.

  3. I spent 5 years in Care in the 1950's. It's the worst possible option for so called 'Looked After Children'.

    But, sometimes it can be a respite from an abusive environment. Just wish there were other options.


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